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Apr. 5th, 2009

Callisto Hobby


[PSX] Badly Dubbed Anime? No! Let's Play Evil Zone.

Type: Let's Play
Style: Video + Audio Commentary
Game: Evil Zone (Orig. Eretzvaju) [PSX]

Description, Videos, and CastCollapse )</div>

Mar. 23rd, 2009

Callisto Hobby


[PSX] Vagrant Story #000, 61-71

The final updates...Collapse )

And that would be the mark of the LP's end. :D

Mar. 5th, 2009

Callisto Hobby


[PSX] Vagrant Story #54-60

This week's entriesCollapse )

Mar. 2nd, 2009

Callisto Hobby


[PSX] Let's Play Vagrant Story; The Endless Quest for Pants!

Type: Let's Play
Style: Video plus Audio Commentary
Game: Vagrant Story

The Plot, Videos, and CharactersCollapse )

Mar. 1st, 2009

Callisto Hobby


[ADMIN] So You Want to LP

We won't be going in to anything deep with this post. Just the basics, and a few guidelines.

Technical Guidelines
Technical Guidelines here.Collapse )

Game Choice

Can You Make the Right Choice?Collapse )
Tips for Screenshot LP's

Even Screenshot LP's can workCollapse )

The Big Do's and Don't of Video Let's Playing

The Biggest part of this postCollapse )These are No-No's. Got it?Collapse )
Callisto Hobby


[ADMIN] Introdution

Hello everyone, and welcome to Let's Play Haven. A humble community for those interested in Let's Plays.

Not quite familiar with the term? Don't worry! We briefly go over it in the bio. First thing's first, however. This is a community to discuss and display Let's Plays. With this, we have a few priorities, guidelines, and tips to keep things organized.

Community Permission Controls
  • This community has moderated membership. This means that you're not automatically a member when you join, but have to wait for approval. In the end, this is not as big of a deal as one might think. 
  • Anyone can view Post Entries and make comments.  Comments from non-members are screened, to avoid spam and trolling.
  • You are only required to join if you wish to make an Entry. New Entries are moderated to avoid spam and off-topic posts.
  • Game choices are not limited by rating. However, once mature games start showing up, we'll be increasing the rating to LiveJournal's Adult Concepts rating. This will prevent those under the age of 14 from viewing and joining the community.

Discussion Topics
  • Your Let's Plays. We'll get in to a format later for this. Part of the purpose of this forum is to show off your own Let's entries, however. From Let's Plays, to Let's Listen, Let's Eat, and Let's NOT Play.
  • Questions and Assistance. Not sure what's going on with your emulator or plugin? Perhaps you want to know whether Fraps would be better than Camtasia or Hypercam. Perhaps you'd like some feedback on your attempts, and assistance with getting a stronger idea of how to play.
  • Video Games and Let's Plays by others. You can't post other people's lets plays as if they were yours. Link, and try to start discussions about them, or certain video games and hacks. Go ahead, have fun. Don't create repeat entries, and similar topics can be in the same one as well. For example, Valis77's Let's series, the Silent Hill games can go in to a single Entry for discussion, and simple stuff like that.
  • Posts by maintainers and moderators have the tags 'admin' and 'official' when it's official towards the entire community. For example, this post. There should also be an [ADMIN] or [MOD] tag in the Entry subject.

Rules for Posting
  1. You will not deface the English Language. This means no lazy speak, using 2 for to or too, u for you, or anything like that. Your spelling will be to the best of your ability, and if you really cannot spell well, use Firefox, as it has a spellcheck. Not an option? There are sites that do the exact same thing.
  2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. This is for everyone, including myself. It's not a subject about trolling or white-knighting. Treat each other in the same way that you'd like to be treated. Don't start shit wars or pissing contests here. Be constructive instead of downright bashing those around you. This is something the internet tends to have trouble with, however.
  3. Officially, you can not tell people to hack, or essentially steal software that's meant to be purchased.  That's the official, and legal, standing, however. I can tell you that most people don't exactly pay for Camtasia. Just use google, or torrent searching sites, instead of us, and don't share how you came across the workaround.
  4. Screenshots, or multiple videos? Use an lj-cut! We want things as neat as possible. Original entries shouldn't be long, as that would just make it harder to scroll through them all.

Format for Entries:
For the Title Bar, keep it descriptive. LP's should keep a consistent original title, then bring up which update it is. For example... "[SNES] Let's Play Super Mario Bros  #4-12" for someone that is updating their LP with the 4th to 12th videos. Discussion topics should have the actual topic to be discussed as their title. For example 'Silent Hill,' or 'Grant Theft Auto'

Type: Let's Play / Q&A / Discussion
Style: For Let's Play format. If Video, add whether it's audio or subtitle commentary.
Game: Pretty self explanatory. For hacks, add the original game AND the hack. In brackets, note the console as well. Such as [PC] [NES] [Xbox] and such. Even if it's an emulator, it came from a console first.
Topic: For the Q&A and Discussion entries. This is where you can start your entry. If you're posting multiple examples for the Q&A, start things off and then break in to an LJ-Cut.

Break a few lines, for Let's Plays, and get started on your 'opening post.' This is where you'll manage a list to your entries, as well. Just don't forget that LJ Cut before going in to this.

When making topics, there is also the tags bar that needs to be filled in. Keep it simple. If an LP, then go with the game, console, and if video commentary, bring up the host. This way, you can click the tag while in the community, and everything should still pop up for the person browsing.